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Thursday, November 6, 2008

CLOSET RAID AT FISHER Girls find out what style Fisher students really have
Students from Professors Reinson’s Advanced Public Relations are deciding to invade both a female and male students’ closet on the St. John Fisher College campus as part of their final project on “Fisher Fashion”. The female students will be picking a random male and female on campus to ask them if they would be willing to participate in the raid.
Once the students are picked the group members will be showing a video which will be posted to their blog (fisherfashion.blogspot.com) about their findings in the students closets. They want to show the viewers of their blog exactly what Fisher students are wearing.
Visit the blog fisherfashion.blogspot.com for further information and for the opportunity to blog, and comment on the students work from this current Fall semester.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Emily Urbanski talks about herself involing the fashion world

There are four girls in Kyle Reinson’s Advanced Public Relations class who decided to create a fashion blog for their final project. (The blog being the one you are on right now.) Throughout the semester this blog has shown no signs of who was behind the creativity and posting until now. The girls are finally revealed.

Emily Urbanski is a 20 year old junior at St. John Fisher College. Her fashion icon is Blair Waldorf from the CW TV show Gossip Girl thus making Gossip Girl one of her favorite shows. She also loves to watch Project Runways. She loves Vogue magazine and enjoys shopping at stores such as JCrew, Banana Republic, the Gap, and Forever 21. The top two fashion items that Emily could never live with out would be her collection of pumps and her endless collection of dresses!

Emily says that leggings are so out this season while scarves are so in. She keeps up with the latest styles from watching TV shows, and looking at magazines and keeping track of celebrity style watch. Emily says that being herself is the most important thing to keep in mind when dressing in the morning and to always remember to wear what you like not what other people want you to wear.
Fisher’s CMagazine will hit stands soon

Every semester Fisher students anxiously await the new issue of CMagazine, Fisher’s very own fashion magazine. The magazine is designed and created by Fisher students. It consists of articles about fashion trends and new stories in the media as well as a series of fashion photographs of student models. This semester’s magazines theme is “Prepy and Fun.” This issue is reflected from the CW Gossip Girl Show.

Four Students were asked to be models for the magazine for this issue. The students included, John Quartironi, Keith Alexander, Brittany Alexander, and Emily Urbanski. The photo shoot was held at the Eastman House on East Ave in Rochester. The models wore borrowed clothing from both L’vant Garbe and Mentality located in the town of Pittsford. Photos were shot in the billiard room, the office, and outside in the courtyard at the Eastman House.

The magazine is expected to hit the stands on the Fisher campus before the students depart for Thanksgiving break.

Webisodes coming soon!!!

Like what you read on Fisher Fashion? Well then you’re going to love what you watch! Coming soon we will be releasing different “webisodes” of about two or three minutes each that will really show you some style! Raiding closets and interviews will be streamed into a movie for you viewers to watch in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you tune in!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ever make a trip to the mall and just didn't know where to start? Well join me as I go on a mall excursion and help you sort out the good from the bad and maybe help you find some hidden gems you were not aware of at Rochester's own Eastview Mall. I will take you on trip through one of Rochester's finest shopping areas and hopefully help you think about where you should stop in next when you need to find that PERFECT outfit for a night out or maybe a fancy little dress for an upcoming holiday party. Stay tuned and join me next week for a full report on all that Eastview Mall has to offer.
So, who wants to go shopping?

Hey everyone, nice to meet you!

Name: Lindsay Campbell
Age: 21
Fashion icon: I really like seeing what Rachel Bilson and Hayden Panettiere put together for outfits, they always seem to have a fresh look to them but not too out there!
Favorite stores: H&M, Topshop, Forever 21
Can't live without fashion item: Accessories!!!
Trend you are sick of: Leggings as pants… people, they were never meant to be lets get serious…
Trend you can't get enough of: Long shirts! I love them with skinny jeans and flats, so comfortable and adorable!
How I discover new styles: I just like to see what other people are wearing. Celebrity news and gossip are always my first source for style!
Define your personal style: I’ll admit that sometimes on those cold days of New York I sink into the college-style slump, you know, jeans and a hoodie. However, when the sun is on my side, I like to be simple but trendy. Adding fun and colorful accessories can change your entire look making it your own.


Let's face it: Fisher guys are always well dressed. Have you been wondering just what a guy's closet really looks like? Do they stress over what to wear when they go out or fret over what shirt goes with what shoes?
Tune in next week as we take a closer look at the closests of two stylish men who have had us wondering: Does their entire wardrobe look this good?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween in Hollywood

Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! It seems that now days that this spooky holiday brings out the kid in everyone for an entire weekend rather than just October 31st. Celebrities even join in on the fun as well. Above Kim Kardashian took her super powers for a spin as she graced the red carpet as 'Wonder Woman'.
Halloween fashion has definitely evolved over the years. People tend to go for a stylish costume that is more fashion forward than spooky and creepy as they were in the past. You probably notice that you see less ghosts and goblins out on Halloween and more people trying to be celebrities, classic movie characters, or in this years case... politicians.

What were you for Halloween? What was the BEST costume you saw this past weekend? Leave comments and let us know!
Photo Credit: www.people.com

The Second Fashionista Reveals Herself!

Name: Rachelle
Age: 21
Fashion Icons: Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel & Hilary Duff
Favorite Stores: Gap, Target, Old Navy
Can't Live without Fashion Item: Jeans
Trend you are sick of: Bubble dresses, tent dresses... any kind of dress that doesn't show that you have a shape
Trend you can't get enough of: Layered looks & wide belts with flowy tops
How do you discover new styles: Magazines, celebrities & just seeing what people are wearing on the street
Define your Personal Style: Classic & Comfortable with a bit of flare. I love keeping it basic but I always try to add some color whether it be with jewlery, a headband or shoes.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who am I? One of our fashionistas is revealed!

Name: Lauren
Age: 21
Fashion icon:
Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson & Nicole Richie
Favorite stores: Forever 21, Target, Charlotte Russe & Old Navy
Favorite fashion magazine:
Can't live without fashion item:
Extra long tank tops for layering
Trend you are sick of:
UGG boots with shorts..Oh wait that was never even a trend but people STILL somehow think it is.
Trend you can't get enough of:
Definitely ballet flats and skinny jeans or leggings with dresses.
How do you discover new styles:
Fashion blogs, magazine websites, observing celebrity style and testing out trends I see on people just walking on the street or around campus.
Define your personal style:
Trendy but comfortable. I like to keep up on style and purchase whatever is hot in Hollywood at the moment but I still feel comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a cute pair of flats. I also like to add my own twist to outfits with vintage jewelry or bright plastic costume jewelry to spice things up.